Mandar’in love

Made with Pâte d'amandes de Provence 50% - 3211

For serves 24

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Moist Almond Sponge

565g ground almonds
450g caster sugar
825g whole eggs
225g dry butter 84% fat
180g egg whites
115g caster sugar

Blend the ground almonds, sugar and eggs in a food processor. Once lightly whipped, fold in the butter. Meanwhile, whip the egg whites with the sugar. Gently combine the two mixtures. Spread into a frame and bake at 180°C for 15 / 20 minutes. One 60 x 40 cm sheet.

Strawberry Confit

230g whole frozen strawberries
230g strawberry pulp
80g Glucose
90g caster sugar
10g pectin NH
35g caster sugar
50g lemon juice
3g pure citric acid

Boil together the whole strawberries and pulp, the glucose, 90 g caster sugar and the pectin for 30 seconds. Chill to 60°C and add the lemon juice, 35 g caster sugar and the citric acid. Process. Set aside in the refrigerator.

Ivoire Almond Whipped Ganache

230g Whipping cream 35% fat
2 vanilla beans
25g invert sugar
25g glucose
80g IVOIRE 35%
420g whipping cream 35% fat

Boil the smaller amount of cream with the invert sugar, glucose, vanilla beans. Strain. Slowly pour the boiling mixture onto the chocolate melted with the cocoa butter and blend in the center to create a glossy and elastic core, signifying the mixture has begun to emulsify. Continue gradually adding the liquid. Process to perfect the emulsion. Gradually add the remaining cold whipping cream and process. Add the diced Almond Paste and process again. Set aside in the refrigerator and leave to set, overnight if possible. Whip with a whisk to obtain a fluffy texture for piping. 40 g per plate.

Mandarin Crémeux

255g whole eggs
345g mandarin pulp
5g gelatin
140g dry butter 84% fat
105g egg whites
210g caster sugar

Heat the pulp. Add the eggs and the gelatin and cook to 82 / 84°C. Cool to 40°C and add the butter. Process. Set aside in the refrigerator for a minimum of two hours. Heat the egg whites and sugar to 55°C in a bain-marie. Whip until completely cold and then fold into the crémeux. 20 g per 4.5 cm half-sphere.

Mandarin Gel

200g mandarin pulp
100g concentrated mandarin pulp

Soften the Absolu Cristal with the mandarin pulps, heating to 60°C. Immediately pour into 3 cm half-sphere silicone molds. Freeze immediately. 10 g per 3 cm half-sphere.

Assembly and finishing

When the Mandarin Crémeux is ready, fill each 4.5 cm half-sphere with around 20 g of the mixture and immediately insert into each a frozen half-sphere of Mandarin Gel. Smooth over and freeze. Unmold and assemble the two half-spheres and freeze again. Make the Strawberry Confit and keep hot. Use a toothpick to dip the spheres into the Confit and coat them. Set aside in the freezer or store in the refrigerator ready for service. Use a 3 cm diameter cutter to make circles of Almond Sponge. When ready to dress, place a sponge circle in the center of the plate. Use a spoon to add around 40 g Whipped Ganache on top of the sponge and then place the coated sphere on top. To finish, cut a few nice strawberries in half and arrange them standing up on the plate.