CitricChoc Entremets

Made with Millot 74% - Pure Millot Plantation

Makes 8 cakes
(16 cm in diameter and 5 cm tall)

7 steps

An original recipe from Sandra Ornelas

Recipe Step by Step



260 g Almond flour
230 g Brown sugar
260 g Whole rice flour
4 g Salt
260 g Butter

Mix this with the powdered ingredients. Add the cold butter cubes, mix.
Stop as soon as you have a homogenous paste.
Store in the refrigerator or freezer until you are ready.
Bake at 300-320°F (150-160°C) with the oven door ajar.


730 g Almond streusel
50 g MILLOT 74%
76 g Nutty Almond Praliné 70%
9 g Ground coffee beans
4 g Fleur de sel

Once the shortcrust pastry is cooked, weigh it out. Put it in a food processor to beat it with a paddle on the lowest speed until it is broken into small pieces.
Add the coffee and salt.
Then pour in the praline mixed with the previously melted couverture.
Briefly mix and use immediately.


670 g MILLOT 74%
125 g Sunflower oil
623 g Egg whites
203 g Sugar
156 g Egg yolks

Melt the couverture and oil at about 122ºF (50°C).
Whip the egg whites with the sugar until stiff peaks form. Add a little of the whipped egg whites to the couverture and oil mixture. Then add the egg yolks.
Finish by adding the rest of the whipped egg whites.
Spread out into 2 40 x 60 cm frames (850 per frame)
Bake at 338°F (170°C) for 7-10 minutes.


660 g Clementines
170 g Yuzu Puree
170 g Sugar
9.4 g Pectin NH

Separate 10% of the sugar to mix with the pectin NH. Wash and clean the clementines.
Blanch them three times in a large amount of water. Drain them, cut them in two and remove the white part in the center. Then weigh the cut clementines. Using a food processor, mix them with the yuzu puree and the rest of the sugar. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer, stirring vigorously for about 5 minutes. Finally add the sugar and pectin mixture and bring to a boil again. Pour into a container and cool rapidly.


225 g Milk
6 g 220 Bloom gelatin powder
30 g Water for the gelatin
292 g MILLOT 74%
60 g Coffee beans
450 g Heavy cream 36%

Make a cold infusion with the cream and coffee beans for 24 hours. Strain, reweigh and top up the initial weight of the cream if necessary. Heat the milk, then add the rehydrated gelatin. Slowly combine this mixture with the melted couverture.
Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion.
Add the cold infused cream. Mix again.
Set at 40°F (4°C) before freezing to obtain the desired texture.


265 g Milk
265 g Heavy cream 36%
420 g Egg whites
125 g Sugar
6.5 g 220 Bloom gelatin powder
32.5 g Water for the gelatin
545 g MILLOT 74%

Heat the milk and cream and then add the rehydrated gelatin.
Whip the egg whites with the sugar until stiff peaks form.
Slowly pour over the partially melted couverture.
Mix as soon as possible to make a perfect emulsion.
Check the temperature 113-122°F (45-50°C), add a quarter of the whipped egg whites with the sugar.
Mix and finish by adding the rest of the whipped egg whites.


150 g Mineral water
200 g Sucre
250 g Glucose DE38/40
200 g Sweetened condensed milk
300 g MILLOT 74%
50 g Cocoa butter
400 g Absolu Cristal
neutral glaze
40 g Mineral water

Make a syrup with the sugar, water and glucose and cook the mixture at 219ºF (104°C). Add the condensed milk and then make an emulsion. Pour a little of this mixture over the previously melted couverture with the cocoa butter. It will quickly separate. Stabilize this emulsion by gradually adding the rest of the syrup to get a more elastic and shiny texture, an indication that the emulsion has been made correctly. Make a perfect emulsion with a blender and add the Absolu Cristal previously boiled with a small quantity of water. Mix and allow the glaze to cool. Leave to set 24 hours before use.
Reheat the glaze to 99-100ºF (37-38°C), mix to blend and remove air bubbles as much as possible.

Assembly and finishing

Make the pressed shortcrust pastry and roll out 100 g per 14 cm diameter ring. Prepare the jam, the glaze and the sponge cake. Bake and allow the cake to cool, then cut disks 14 cm in diameter (2 per cake). Immediately spread 40 g of jam on each sponge cake disk. At the same time, put the remaining jam into 9 cm disks (20 g, 1 per cake). Make the namelaka. Once cooled and firm, pour 120 g over the sponge disk, on top of the jam. Place a second disk of sponge cake on top (jam touching the namelaka). Crystallize in the refrigerator, then freeze.
Remove the insides from the mold and make the mousse. Pour 200 g per ring then place the inside in the center so as to make an «upside down» assembly and use a small amount of mousse to stick the pressed shortcrust pastry to the sponge cake. Freeze all. Remove from the mold and glaze with the chocolate glaze.
Temper the MILLOT 74% couverture. On 2 cm acetate with a circumference of the ring, spread the couverture with a palette knife. Before it fully sets, place on the outside of a 16 cm ring. Leave to set before placing around the cake. Finish the decoration with the jam disk, fresh citrus segments, and candied citrus peels.

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