Instant amarena

Made with Noisette Noir 34% - 2264

Recipe made for 65 fingers Instant

2 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Amarena Cherry Almond Paste

600g PATE D'AMANDE 55% 3
100g Amarena cherries

Drain out the Amarena cherries and mix to a smooth paste in a food processor. Mix in the almond paste and roll out in a 4 mm frame using a rolling pin. Set aside at 16/18°C.


130g Toasted chopped almonds
320g OPALYS 33%

Melt down the dark Gianduja to about 40/50°C. Temper the mass down to 26°C. Stir in the toasted chopped almonds and pour in a 4 mm high frame fixed on a plastic sheet coated with a thin layer of milk chocolate. Allow to crystallise and stack the amarrena almond paste on top. Temper some Opalys chocolate and finish the assembly with a 2 mm high frame. Spread the chocolate on top and immediately cut out into strips of 10 cm long by 1.5 cm.

Assembly and finishing

Coat with tempered milk couverture and decorate with drizzles of red cocoa butter coloured Opalys couverture. TIP : Make the recipe with lemon, grape or orange candied peels, raisins, apricots, etc...