Apollo Recipe


Made with Opalys 33%

An original recipe by Rémi Montagne

3 steps

Makes 60 pieces

Recipe Step by Step



150 g Caster sugar
25 g Glucose
50 g Water
250 g Lemon juice
330 g OPALYS 33%
10 g Basil (optional)
40 g Liquid clarified butter
2 Lemon zests
855 g Total weight

Cook the sugar with the glucose and water to 185°C (365°F).
Stop the cooking with the warmed lemon juice.
Reheat to 103°C (217°F), and then allow the temperature to fall to 75-80°C (167-176°F) before emulsifying with the melted chocolate.
Add the lemon zests and basil, and then blend.
When the temperature falls to 35°C (95°F), strain and then fold in the liquid butter. Blend again.
NOTE: When filling the hollow shells, the temperature of the ganache must be lower than 30°C (86°F).


80 g Egg whites
170 g Icing sugar
2 g Citric acid
5 g Lemon juice
1 Lemon zest
257 g Total weight

Place the eggs, icing sugar, and lemon zest in a freestanding mixer bowl.
Heat in a bain marie and mix until the temperature is 55-60°C (131-140°F).
Add the lemon juice and citric acid and then whisk.
Spread out the mixture and cook for around two hours at 100°C (212°F).


150 g Cocoa butter
350 g OPALYS 33%
500 g Total weight

Melt all the ingredients together. Temper the mixture to 30-32°C (86-90°F).
Strain before using.

Assembly and finishing

Apollo Recipe

Fill the white hollow forms (Ref. 1734) with the ganache.
Leave to set for 12-24 hours at 17°C and 60% hygrometry.
Use a piping bag to add a spot of tempered white chocolate to the lollipops to seal them.
Before they set, add a lollipop stick.
To finish, dip the lollipops in some tempered couverture.
Immediately sprinkle with meringue pieces.
Coat a second time using the spray mixture.