Made with Kidavoa 50%

An original recipe by David Briand

7 steps

Makes 60 desserts

Recipe Step by Step


Crème Anglaise

1300g Liquid whipping cream 35%
1300g Whole milk
500g Egg yolks
250 Caster sugar

Bring the cream and milk to the boil and pour into the premixed egg yolk-sugar combination (without blanching). Thicken the mixture at a temperature of 185°F (85°C), strain through muslin and use immediately.

Kidavoa Cream Mix

2210g Crème anglaise
985g KIDAVOA 50%

Sieve the hot crème anglaise through a chinois, create an emulsion by pouring it slowly over the melted couverture, to obtain a smooth, shiny, elastic texture. Immediately mix using an electric mixer to make a perfect emulsion. Leave to stiffen in the fridge.

Éclat D'Or Hazelnut Streusel

255g Whole Piemont hazelnuts
345g Dry butter 84%
345g Brown sugar
130g Strong white bread flour
2g Salt
1 Vanilla pod

Toast the hazelnuts in an oven at 300°F (150°C) for approx. 10 minutes. Roughly crush the cooled hazelnuts. Cut the cold butter into small cubes. Using the flat beater in your mixer, mix with the brown sugar and flour to form a dough. Add the crushed nuts, the Éclat d’Or, salt and the scored vanilla pod. Mix briefly but do not let the dough break up too much. Store in the fridge or freezer until you are ready. Bake at 300°F (150°C) with the oven door slightly ajar to ensure an amber coloration.

Kidavoa Pressed Shortbread Cookie

1330g Éclat d'Or hazelnut streusel
422g KIDAVOA 50%

Once the streusel has been cooked and cooled, weigh it and break it up slightly. Mix it with the melted couverture and then press it immediately without crushing it. Store in the fridge.

Kidavoa Chocolate Mousse With Crème Anglaise

829g Crème anglaise
1240g Liquid whipping cream 35%
1330g KIDAVOA 50%

Make an emulsion by gradually pouring the hot crème anglaise over the melted couverture chocolate. Immediately mix using an electric mixer to make a perfect emulsion. Stabilize the emulsion if necessary by adding whipped cream. Once the mixture is smooth, check the temperature is at 105-115°F (40-45°C) and add the remaining frothy whipped cream. Pour immediately and freeze.

Kidavoa Spray Mix

350g KIDAVOA 50%

Melt the ingredients together. Use a chinois to strain before using the mixture. To give your spray mix a velvety finish, heat the mixture to 105-115°F (40-45°C) and spray it onto your frozen product.

Kidavoa Absolu Spray Mix

154g Water
308g KIDAVOA 50%

Bring the Absolu Cristal neutral glaze to the boil with water then make an emulsion with the melted couverture chocolate. Immediately apply using a spray gun at about 175°F (80°C).

Assembly and finishing

Prepare the cream mix. The next day, shape into small quenelles and place them on a tray. Spread out the rest of the cream mix (approx. 2000g) in a 340x340x16mm frame. Freeze. Make the pressed shortbread then spread out 850g in a 340x340x6mm frame. Leave to harden then cut out 48x60mm rectangles. Then cut out cream mix inserts of 30x48mm. Store in the freezer. Make the crème anglaise mousse and immediately pour out 40g into oblong rings. Put the insert in place and fill the rings to the top (approx. 15g).
Smooth out and freeze.FINISHING
For the chocolate decoration, finely spread out the tempered couverture chocolate between two sheets of confectionery dipping paper. Before it hardens completely, cut out 120x40mm rectangles. Shape into a curve.
Use a spray gun to apply a layer of spray gun mixture onto the quenelles to give them a velvety finish.
Turn out the little cakes then glaze with Absolu Cristal neutral glaze. Then place them on the pressed shortbread (see photo). Position the chocolate decoration and finish by putting a quenelle in place.