What is pastry-making? One thing it is for sure is chemistry: Dark chocolate melts at 130°F (55°C), for example, while milk chocolate melts at temperatures of 115°F (45°C) and above. It is also a precision discipline. You apply precision when you patiently craft your creations, and we do the same when we select the best ingredients.

That said, the one thing we want to impart above all else this Easter is the magic we conjure up together. This magic emanates from the feelings your products evoke not only in your youngest customers, but also among grownups who often find themselves swept away by childhood memories the moment they take a bite!

“Life is a game that children play brilliantly,”

said director and writer Martin Provost. Just like a child would, the pastry chefs at L’École Valrhona have sought to shake off the weight of the world. This booklet has all the tips, recipes and inspiration you need to unleash your creativity.



Tailor your range and craft your communications to dazzle kids and charm their parents. Grab younger customers’ attention and make sure your window display glows with Easter magic!

It’s the perfect time to indulge! Dress up your window displays in pastel colors and add a dash of joy with some marshmallows, licorice and boiled candies.

  1. It’s the perfect time to indulge ! Dress up your window displays in pastel colors and add a dash of joy with some marshmallows, licorice and boiled candies.
  2. It’s child’s play : Relive your favorite childhood games by artfully arranging skittles, rocking horses and toy cars in your displays. They will be a guaranteed hit with children – and their parents too!
  3. Animate your store : Who doesn’t have fantastic memories of the cartoons we watched as children? Draw your inspiration from your favorites, from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory to Studio Ghibli and Disney classics and add some magic to your displays.
  4. Spectacular ! Create some XXL molded chocolates - a huge bunny is guaranteed to wow your younger customers, for example.


Place products designed for kids in their eyeline so they are sure to spot them. Place some small packaged selections beside your cash desk to encourage impulse buys.



The medium is sometimes just as important as the message. Your Easter range’s packaging will also serve as your signature. Once you’ve decided on your theme, use it on the bags holding your eggs, your totes, chocolate bars, molded chocolate packaging and more. Be sure to use it wherever you can, in the most coherent way you can.

Easter's store

Childhood Easters

It’s not just about characters and eggs – childhood and games are themes that can run through your entire creative world. How? Using products with fun shapes, zingy colors and a whole set of ideas that hark back to days gone by, in contemporary style!

Reawaken your inner child!

Family holidays. Childhood games. Memories of days spent in schoolyards and lunchrooms. Mom’s and grandma’s home cooking. Animations. The books which shaped your imagination… There’s a practically endless source of inspiration you can use to create your recipes and dress up your store! The pastry chefs at L’École Valrhona have stepped back in time, revisiting cherished childhood memories to dream up some deliciously cheeky recipes. Why don’t you do the same with your teams and get them together to recreate your favorite childhood remembrances?

Easter for kids

Reinvent your classic desserts by turning cakes into lollipops with a wooden stick or making bunny brioches with their ears dipped in chocolate… Try out something a little audacious! Desserts often use the art of surprise, especially at Easter. You can fill your molded creations with mini eggs or characters, of course, and amaze your customers with different textures, runny middles and even jellies!
How about some finger food? Dream up some moldbreaking desserts that hark back to childhood delights, try some delicious dips and savor different toppings – or even lick your plate!


Go to essentiels.valrhona.com to create your own recipes. Our exclusive Cercle V ideas are automatically quantified when you add your own ingredients.

Réiventer l'oeuf de Pâques

There’s no doubt about it – Easter eggs are the undisputed star of your spring range. And like all stars, they’re a clever combination of chic style and something a little more eccentric. So have fun and express all the different sides to your brand identity!

  1. A shape that makes a statement
    Dream up some fun shapes which will make a perfect match for fun Easter ambiances suffused with childhood joys. If you aren’t able to make your own custom molds, the Valrhona Atelier 3D is here to help. Get in touch!
  2. Décor isn’t just decoration
    Ornaments are important too! Natural looks are in vogue at the moment, so opt for pastels and other colors such as terracotta and sky blue which are found in nature. Floral decorations complemented with dried and candied fruit can add color to your molded chocolates.
  3. A personal touch
    Give your customers the chance to buy a unique Easter egg by offering a customization service. They could add a name to the chocolate, select which color ribbon they want or even choose their own decoration entirely.
  4. An egg filled with treasures
    Create an element of surprise by hiding not just mini eggs and other characters inside your molded chocolates, but messages too (think quotes, funny stories or anecdotes about Easter or chocolate). Mini gifts such as tiny coloring crayons, miniature books or little puzzles are another idea.
  5. Finding the right title
    Find an original name for your creations to suit your theme and you will leave quite an impression on your customers. Puns add a fun spin to your egg, for example (why not “Eggstatic” for your most colorful and joyous creations?).
  6. Packaging that amps up the fun
    Your packaging should also encapsulate your creative world. For instance, you can print out stickers to go on your different boxes and bags and select just the ribbon to reflect your artistic ambitions.
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An Ethical Easter

By opting for Valrhona, you’re opting for a premium quality chocolate which is also ethical, 100% traceable and respectful of the environment and cocoa growers. In other words, it represents an ecological, economical future for younger generations! As a maker or restaurateur, you have a real ace up your sleeve, because you can showcase your ethical commitments and stand out from industrial manufacturers.

By using ethical chocolates, natural colorants, organic and vegan ranges and more, you are making a commitment, just like us – so make sure people know about it!

  • Customized CSR poster
    By promoting your supplier’s commitment to people and the planet, you are demonstrating your own ethical approach and highlighting the quality of your products.
  • Cocoa Kit
    - a booklet to hand out
    - a poster to display in your kitchen or store
    A great way of helping customers understand how chocolate is made, as well as all its incredible qualities

Easter is the perfect time to show off the local craftsperson’s expertise that customers are increasingly sensitive to. They know that local supply chains are synonymous with quality products and dynamic regional areas. It is an angle you might want to explore both in your store and on your social networks so your customers are encouraged to support you as a local craftsperson.

The most popular hashtags linked with local food crafts:
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