In search of a natural experience for indulgent, worry-free eating

Consumers’ desire to eat morehealthily, ethically and responsibly has found expression in a growing appetite for natural, authentic foods. We are returning to our roots and fomenting a renaissance in which nature’s varied plant flavors, textures and colors open up new creative outlooks.
This special edition is giving nature pride of place and getting off the beaten path with its ideas for indulgent eats. Fruit from all over the world is roundly honored, while vegetables shake up pastry-making tradition. Super-foods find themselves at home in desserts, making good on all their wonderful health benefits, and flowers and plants inspire creations with a bucolic spirit.
In this publication, you will find the latest trends, tips and all-new recipes from the chefs at L’École Valrhona. Nature’s inspirations have sowed the seeds for one fabulous creation after the other in their fertile imagination! So push open the gate to a garden full of extraordinary flavors and explore all the indulgent alternative ideas the chefs have to offer…

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Getting back to nature has become a truly essential trend rooted in ethics and responsibility. It encourages us all to consume less – But also to consume better. We’re getting rid of unnecessary frills and prioritizing simplicity, beauty, and consummate skill. Consumers are prepared to spend more if it means getting better quality, and they are fervent believers in natural, authentic, local food.
From a gastronomic point of view, ingredients should definitely be prized for their natural goodness and origins, and sublimely crafted products are given pride of place in simple, fuss-free creations.

Natural experience in figures

  • 9 out of 10 consumers want more transparency  (Study by Food 360 – Kantar TNS)
  • 50% of consumers have upped how much FRUITS & VEG they eat (Study by Food 360 – Kantar TNS)
  • 5 times more "vegan" searches on Google over 10 years
  • 375 millions vegetarians worldwide (Expo2015.org)
  • 33% of Europeans want to cut down how much sugar they eat (Study by Ipsos for Cargill – 2017)

Super-foods will supercharge your creativity !

Spirulina - ginger - açai - seaberry - turmeric - cocoa - maca ( ”Peruvian ginseng”: A subtle flavor somewhere between banana, walnut and caramel, with a hint of pepper. ) - blackcurrant - matcha - physalis (tangy) - camu camu - moringa ( A Subtly Powerful Leafy Freshness ) - pomegranate - blueberry - goji - chia seeds.

We all want to eat better, healthier, more natural food, which is why famously nutritious super-foods are riding high at the moment. This trend is only getting stronger as new ingredients are being discovered all around the world. From spices to plants, roots, seeds and fruit, super-foods are now appearing in so many recipes and all kinds of products.
So why not chock our creations full of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to transform them into super-pastries! Super foods are an ideal source of inspiration when you want to explore new creative avenues. Super-charge your range by experimenting with these on-trend ingredients and offer your customers all-new food experiences.
“Super Good” eating is a fantastic excuse for revisiting the classics, as it adds an unexpected extra-special something or dusts your creations with unusual flavors. Our (super)pastry chefs have lived up to this challenge by dreaming up (super)pastries that balance indulgent treats with health benefits in an explosion of colors and flavors.

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Fantastic plants : endless green!

Consumers now want their food to be healthier, more ethical and more responsible, leading to a meteoric rise in demand for vegan options. More and more people are going veggie and vegan. Vegetables are taking an increasingly starring role in restaurants. While some chefs and pastry store specialists are already including vegan creations in their range, the world is only just starting to explore the kinds of alternative indulgent eating veganism offers.
This chapter pays tribute to the incredibly wide variety of plant flavors, textures and colors that nature provides for endless new pastry-making possibilities. Great vegan dining has fired our pastry chefs’ imaginations to create these unique recipe ideas. Fruits from all around the world take pride of place next to Single Origin chocolates. Roots and cereals offer up their authentic flavors. Above all, vegetables enter the scene and change the way we think about desserts.

Vegetables offer a great way of creating new taste sensations, so don’t just limit yourself to fruit – Widen your horizons with pairings such as bell peppers and dark chocolate that are sure to amaze your customers.

Baptiste Blanc, Pastry Chef at l'École Valrhona

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