Super Bar

Made with Passionfruit Inspiration

An original École Valrhona recipe

1 step

Makes 5 bars

Recipe Step by Step


Spirulina & Opalys

100g OPALYS 33%
10g Spirulina

Temper the OPALYS, add in the spirulina and mix.

Assembly and finishing

Place one of the superfoods in each section of the mold.Place 2g of amaranth grain in the mold’s first section.
Place 6g of acai berries in the mold’s second section.
Place 2g of bee pollen in the mold’s third section.
Place 15 to 20g of spirulina-infused OPALYS in the mold’s fourth section.
Place 2g of chopped sunflower seeds in the mold’s fifth section.Then pipe a layer of the tempered couvertures over their corresponding superfoods to fill up the bar mold.
Finish off by filling up the entire mold with the couvertures.