Patisserie Grégory Lejeune - Oqo'Délie

Cercle V Calendar x Grégory Lejeune

My knowledge in Naturopathy inspires my choices of ingredient combinations, reveals Grégory Lejeune, Pastry Chef at Delicatessaine in Nantes. His talent shines in his creation, the 'Oqo'Délie,' a velvety Oqo 73% mousse enhanced by Wiri Wiri chili, a soft almond biscuit, a tonka bean cream, and a ...

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Patisserie Carmen Capote - Scarlet

Cercle V Calendar x Carmen Capote

This month, Valrhona is proud to spotlight Carmen Capote, Pastry Chef at 24onzas in Spain. Renowned for her creative approach and love for innovation, Carmen presents to us 'Scarlet,' a creation that skillfully combines art and pastry.

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Jean Oronotz chocolate bar - Tablette Gourmande

Cercle V Calendar x Jean Oronotz

This chocolate bar is the result of an inspiration where the silkiness on the inside contrasts with the crunchiness on the outside. Chef Jean Oronotz, Master Chocolatier at La Fabrique de Ttotte, excels in the art of transforming chocolate into unique taste experiences. His creation, the "Gourmet...

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Michelin Guide 2024: 8 new restaurants join Passion Dessert

Michelin Guide 2024: 8 new restaurants join Passion Dessert

At the prestigious annual "Cérémonie des Etoiles", eight outstanding establishments were awarded the Passion Dessert title. This prize is an opportunity for Valrhona and the Michelin Guide to shine a spotlight on France's most talented restaurant-based pastry chefs who have excelled in creating p...

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Patisserie Andrea Tortora - The Signature Egg

Cercle V Calendar x Andrea Tortora

An intense aroma and flavor, a surprising consistency. These are the words used by Andrea Tortora, Pastry Chef of AT Pâtissier in Italy, to describe his latest creation, "L'œuf Signature."

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KSS leader Bapak Ketut Wiadnyana receiving the Silver Medal from Julien Simonis, head of the Cacao d'Excellence program

Cacao d'Excellence 2023: Kerta Semaya Samaniya, a Balinese cooperative and Valrhona partner, wins the Silver Award

Our partner, the Balinese cooperative Kerta Semaya Samaniya (KSS), was named the winner of the prestigious Cacao d'Excellence 2023 Silver Award.

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Patisserie Anne Coruble - Oqo tartlet

Cercle V Calendar x Jury Prize

Anne Coruble, the talented Pastry Chef of the Peninsula Paris, is the winner of the Jury Prize in the Cercle V Challenge for her Oqo 73% Vanilla Cardamom Tartlet. This pastry masterpiece skillfully blends the flavors of vanilla and cardamom, accentuated by the elegance of pure-origin cocoa from M...

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Abysse egg by Ecole Valrhona

This Easter, Valrhona reveals "Abysse"

L’École Valrhona Pastry Chef Rémi Poisson has allowed his imagination to run wild, unveiling a unique creation that brings a touch of April Fool’s mischief to the traditional Easter egg.

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Patisserie Lucila Canero - Oqo-rrence

Cercle V Calendar x Lucila Canero

I was seduced by the texture and intensity of the Oqo cover, which guided all my inspiration for this dessert. Lucila Canero, Pastry Chef at La Luciérnaga, passionately expresses the essence of her pastry work, "Oqo-rrence."

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République dominicaine

Cacao Forest, a pioneering initiative revolutionizing cocoa farming

Since 2016, an exclusive collaboration between French chocolatiers, research institutions, NGOs, and the French Development Agency has brought the Cacao Forest project to life. This innovative initiative aims to promote sustainable agroforestry models in the Dominican Republic.

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