Published on 3/1/24

Cercle V Calendar x Jury Prize

Portrait Anne Coruble

Anne Coruble, the talented Pastry Chef of the Peninsula Paris, is the winner of the Jury Prize in the Cercle V Challenge for her Oqo 73% Vanilla Cardamom Tartlet. This pastry masterpiece skillfully blends the flavors of vanilla and cardamom, accentuated by the elegance of pure-origin cocoa from Madagascar.

The structure of this masterpiece relies on a cocoa sweet dough, complemented by a reconstructed Oqo 73% crispy layer and cocoa nibs, offering an explosion of textures in the mouth. The heart of the tartlet reveals a creamy Oqo 73% spread, accompanied by a siphon of roasted vanilla for a touch of sweetness. The contrast comes from the black cardamom gel, adding a hint of exoticism, balanced by the black cardamom ice cream.

This victory in the Cercle V Challenge is a testament to the Chef's commitment to excellence and innovation in creating desserts that are both aesthetic and delicious.

Tarte Oquo - Prix du jury