Satilia Blanche Valrhona

Professional Signature Range Satilia Blanche 31%

Satilia Blanche 31%,  a White Chocolate that Makes Coating Easier

Flavor Profile Rounded

Product Information

Thanks to our Professional Signature range, we guarantee chocolates that are easy to use and produce outstanding results. These meticulously crafted chocolates stand out for their full-bodied flavor and perfect gustatory balance.
Satilia Blanche 31% has been designed to meet the particular technical need for a white chocolate with excellent coating qualities.
Thanks to its balanced sensory profile, Satilia Blanche 31% provides a beautiful showcase for the product it coats, allowing it to shine unimpeded while also enhancing your recipe’s ingredients.
This expert couverture is particularly easy to work with. It can also be used for all other pastry, chocolate and ice cream-making applications.

Just like its sister Satilia products, Satilia Blanche 31% is very easy to work with! Its balanced profile is suited to all kinds of applications

Romain GRZELCZYK, Chocolatier Instructor at l’École Valrhona


Optimal Application


Recommended Applications

BarsMouldingMousseCream mix & GanacheIce creams & sorbets

% of main ingredient

31% of Cocoa

Best by:

12 months


sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural vanilla extract

Packaging Format

12kg bean box - 19959

Satilia Blanche Valrhona