Origin Bar Dark Araguani 100%

For Tasting Pure Origin Bar Dark Araguani 100%

Araguani’s touch of vanilla, woody notes and hint of bitterness take you on an adventure through Venezuela’s patchwork of mountains, forests and salt water lakes

Flavor Profile Cocoa

Secondary Notes Woody

Hint of Full-bodied

Product Information

To create Araguani, we selected the Sur del lago region, Venezuela, well-known for its rich terroir, which gives this couverture all its aromatic complexity. A 100% cocoa that uniquely enhances the chocolate taste and enriches its powerful flavor.


Pure Origin Bar Dark Araguani 100%'s Origins

Venezuela Carupano, Sucre


10°38’55.8”N / 63°15’18.7”W


% of main ingredient

100% of Cocoa

Best by:

18 months


Cocoa beans from Venezuela

Packaging Format

70g bar - Dark Araguani - 31461

Other feature(s)

May contain: gluten, nuts, milk, soya Origin Bar Dark Araguani 100%