Published on 5/23/22

Valrhona unveils its 1st Mission Report

We want to inspire a collective movement that unites everyone in the cocoa, chocolate and culinary industries around a fair, sustainable cocoa sector and gastronomy which tastes great, looks great and does great things for the world.

A pivotal year marked by great uncertainty

2021 will remain a pivotal year for many. This year was marked by a strong economic recovery but also by many uncertainties, which required us to be highly capable of adapting to the unknown.
While the pressure on supply and production chains has never been greater, our values and our mission, “Together, good becomes better”, has constantly reminded us of our duty. That includes our duty to our customers, whom we want to satisfy as best we can, to our cocoa producers, to our suppliers and also to our employees.

Carbon Neutrality

CSR, a guide to innovation

However, this uncertainty must not slow down our work to deal with social and climate emergencies, quite the contrary! CSR must become an authentic guide to innovation. This includes inventing new products, such as Oabika, a cocoa juice concentrate that provides farmers with additional income and our customers with new creative fields to explore. This also involves rethinking how we distribute products, with La Consigne by Valrhona, a pilot project in the Lyon region aimed at providing deliveries to our customers within washable and reusable containers.

Our mission: the roadmap for tomorrow

Staying true to our values, making our mission the solid foundation on which all decisions are made, while also setting an example to be followed tomorrow: this is the real lesson of 2021.
It has become clear that with a mission that so greatly influences every part of the company, in our capacity to innovate products and new services, in the structure of our organization as well as in our relationships with our
stakeholders, it was time to transform our annual CSR report into a report on our corporate mission “Together, good becomes better”.


This Mission is at the heart of everything we do at Valrhona

In practical terms, this means working with our cocoa partners to improve living conditions in producing communities, increase farmers’ incomes, protect human rights, prevent deforestation and promote sustainable agricultural practices.
We are also working to build a new vision for gastronomy where creativity and sustainability go hand in hand, whether through innovative products and services, promoting sustainable practices through L’École Valrhona or providing
tools and support to help our customers become more sustainable themselves. We are committed to doing so while contributing as much as possible to efforts to achieve global carbon neutrality.

Find out more about our commitments and actions in our 2021 mission report.


Together, good becomes better.