Published on 5/22/23

The Disability and Health Committee

First set up in 2020, the Disability Committee and its six officers are continuing their mission to support employees with disabilities.

Comitato per la disabilità di Valrhona

With this aim in mind, the disability officers worked to promote Recognized Disabled Worker Status (or “RQTH” in French) among all our staff throughout 2022.

Their daily support has helped greatly with the preparation of eight further RQTH applications in 2022. To date, the Disability Committee has identified 35 RQTHs across all sectors of the company. Every day, the Committee answers worrisome questions such as: “Will I lose my job if I speak up about my disability?” “Will I be left out of my team?” “How would I benefit from talking about my difficulties?” The officers offer invaluable reassurance and provide vital help in answering these very legitimate questions.

Recognized Disabled Worker Status

  • 2020 : 5 workers
  • 2021 : 7 workers
  • 2022 : 8 workers

Two days of awareness-raising and activities were organized to mark Disability Week. Nearly 250  employees put their knowledge of disability to the test and had conversations with association members and officers.

By taking regular action and having officers work closely with staff, we can shine a light on disability-related issues, help make some situations less problematic and, most importantly, make sure everyone is included in the workplace.

Emilie Bégot,t, Disability Committee Member