Published on 10/18/22

The 2022 Christmas logs from l'École Valrhona

L’École Valrhona unveils two creations for Christmas 2022

This year, the pastry chefs at L’École Valrhona have drawn plenty of inspiration from nature to create their Yule logs.
These two refined, original creations called Serenity and Sapinette are an ode to the living world around us.

The Serenity Yule Log created by Baptiste Moreau, Pastry Chef Instructor at L’École Valrhona Paris 

This log wows in terms of both form and function. Serenity is a log made exclusively from plant-based ingredients which reveals the subtle flavors of almond and lemon.

You will find a delicate mousse with almond and vanilla notes under a shell made from Almond Inspiration (the very first      range of couvertures with a natural nut flavor and color, created by Valrhona). The peppy lemon really pops on the palate.

“My main inspiration was a Japanese artist and sculptor named Hironori Katagiri. He brings his exceptionally sophisticated yet powerful pieces to life using their arresting shape, movement and finesse. What I find very interesting in his work is that the form is sufficient in itself, without any other element needing to be added.”

Ecole Valrhona Bûche Sérénité

The Sapinette Yule Log created by Antoine Michelin, Pastry Chef Instructor at L’École Valrhona Tain l’Hermitage

With its artistic look, Sapinette advocates for generosity and sharing.
This delicious treat reveals powerful flavors of a P125 Cœur de Guanaja shortcrust pastry and the intense Komuntu 80% chocolate cream specially created for the brand's 100th anniversary. The ensemble is set off by fir liqueur to take you on a sensory journey.

“I was inspired by nature and most especially by looking closely at logs. I designed this Yule log so I could pierce each piece and lay it on its side, creating a more artistic look.
The pieces are stuck loosely to the base to make them easier to cut. They come in different sizes so there is something for everyone, whatever they prefer at the end of their meal. In terms of flavor, there is the Komuntu 80% chocolate which was created to celebrate Valrhona’s 100th anniversary. This is combined with a fir infusion and intensified by Sapinette, a fir needle liqueur from my home region of Doubs.”

Ecole Valrhona Bûche Sapinette

Valrhona’s Yule logs and products are made using ingredients specially selected by our chefs directly from producers and suppliers so that we can offer healthy pastries containing clearly identified ingredients.