Published on 4/3/23

Tête-à-tête with Chef Ishan Udayanga

Chef Ishan's portrait

We were honoured to meet such a talent like Ishan Udayanga. Born in Sri Lanka, he is a pastry chef and started his journey on 2007.

He worked with Marriott and Jumeirah hotels in Dubai and then spent a few years in Barcelona (Spain). He has been in a beautiful collaboration for three years with Chef Izu Ani as a Corporate Pastry Chef for Bulldozer group to create the Happy moments with desserts in La Maison Ani, Alaya Dubai, Shanghai Me DXB & Doha and Scalini Restaurants.

Chocolate is the epicentre of Ishan’s life and what inspires him every day. It’s the way he expresses himself, the way he makes world happy with his creations and the way people laugh after meal.

Chef Ishan stirring chocolate

For him, being honest to the top-quality ingredients and to himself is the key of success.

He laughs saying that he is in love with Letter “C” like Chocolates, Cars and Caraibe 66%.

« Caraïbe 66% makes us dance always with its own unique fruity bitter flavours ».

He presented us three desserts. His favourite couverture chocolate is used in the first one « Festive Pyramid » which is made of a cocoa nib praline using cocoa nibs, Guanaja 70% and Jivara 40% with a Caraïbe 66% ganache.

Pyramide festive Ishan's recipe

Then, the « Break my heart concept » which is a real atypical dessert for Valentine’s Day consisting in a heart sprayed with red and filled with raspberry rose marshmallows.

Ishan's recipe

He finished his pastry demonstration with a Mont Blanc made of a Sablé Breton cocoa, a whipped mascarpone ream cream, a chestnut cream and a white chocolate coating.

Ishan's recipe