Published on 10/11/22

Our 100th anniversary sculpture by L’Ecole Valrhona

To celebrate Valrhona’s 100th anniversary, David Briand, pastry chef instructor, manager of l'Ecole Valrhona and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtissier 2019, has created a special work of art.

Sculpture 100 ans

First and foremost, the story of Valrhona is the story of 100 years of cocoa, told through three essential foundations.

  • Sourcing : a very raw sphere made with cocoa beans.
  • Transformation : a sphere made of cocoa nibs and sugar.
  • Teaching : A chocolate sphere, linked to other elements by polished chocolate, resembling a handcrafted wooden sculpture.

Structure : A curve representing the Rhône, a river that has shaped Valrhona’s history.

This artistic piece symbolizes L’École’s expertise in chocolate making. It reveals chocolate in its raw state, free from artifice, so it is as pure as possible and shows our respect for this fine ingredient. In line with our principles, it was made using chocolates at the end of their life.

Today. Tomorrow. And for the next 100 years, Valrhona will build the sustainable gastronomy of the future.