Published on 5/27/22

Offer more responsible products

Our objective : 100% of new products meet our eco-design criteria

In 2018, we set ourselves the target of 100% new ecodesigned products in 2020, and we have reached that goal! However, we want to continue to make progress. This is why in 2021 we set up an internal tool, the ValrhoScore, to measure the extent to which are our products are designed with environmental principles in mind.
Our new ambition is to give a score to all our products (not just the new ones) and ensure that each new product achieves
at least the average score by the end of 2022. Once all our products have been given scores, we can once again raise our requirements!
In addition, in recent years we have carried out major Clean Label measures with our products: we have replaced our synthetic colorants with ingredients that add color, such as beetroot juice or flower extracts, and the few flavorings we use are now natural.

To do this, we examine the following criteria:


  • Length of the list of ingredients
  • No additives or controversial ingredients
  • Nutritional impact
  • Level of societal and environmental risk of the sector from which each ingredient comes


  • Ratio of packaging weight to product weight
  • Source of packaging
  • End of life of packaging

Our objectives for 2025 :

  • 100% of new products meet our eco-design criteria
  • 85% of our packaging is recyclable

Our results in 2021 :

  • 93% of new products meet our eco-design criteria
  • 83% of our packaging is recyclable