Published on 5/22/23

Transport management

Thanks to the actions it undertook as part of FRET21, Valrhona prevented more than 515 tons of CO2  from being emitted in 2022.

Valrhona has renewed its commitment to this approach and hopes to reduce C02  emissions by 940 tons between now and 2024. To achieve this aim, the logistics teams are prioritizing reducing air emissions (which were still too high for our objectives in 2022). Although there is a lot of oversight over the proportion of orders shipped by air each subsidiary makes, this indicator remains one of the most difficult to control while maintaining a high level of service.

Voilier cargo Grain de Sail

This is why it is important we test new modes of transport. For example, we have tested shipping a pallet of finished products across the Atlantic by sailboat for the first time. The quantity transported wasn’t large, but the aim was to make links with suppliers able to offer new means of transport for our goods in the future.

Another alternative to carbon-based road transport is rapeseed-powered trucks, which have enabled Valrhona to save 143 tons of CO2 . Finally, another approach was extended in 2022 by reducing the carbon footprint of the last mile in a delivery to a minimum using electric vehicles or bicycles in urban areas (saving 3.2 tons of CO2).

Deliver me transport

These projects are tested on a small scale, the ambition being to roll them out on a larger scale if they demonstrate
a positive impact.

Guillaume Sempere, Coordinateur Transport