Published on 5/27/22

Committed gastronomy across the world: our subsidiaries in action

Whether in Spain, Japan, China, South Africa, Asia-Pacific or Italy, Valrhona's subsidiaries are involved in the field, carrying out projects in partnership with gastronomy professionals and with local associations.


During our annual seminar in June, our Asia and Pacific teams dedicated an afternoon to public interest bodies. In Hong Kong and Australia, our teams partnered with Food Angel by Bo Charity Foundation and Hope Delivery, respectively, to prepare meals for disadvantaged communities. - Projets Filiale - Article Live Long Gastronomie


Valrhona Japan is proud to sponsor the first Food Made Good Japan Awards in 2021. Organized by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, with which Valrhona has created a guide and self-assessment tool for sustainable sweet cuisine, the
awards are given to restaurants that have a positive social and environmental impact.



Since 2019, Valrhona China has supported the Couleurs de Chine association to improve access to education for Miao children in Danian. With a donation of €15,000, we are funding three-year scholarships for 17 students for the academic years 2019-2022.



Our team in Korea prepared surprise boxes of chocolates for a local center that works with children from disadvantaged families and also participated in a workshop to create reusable presentation trays for events and displays.
The Singapore team worked on a sustainable, reusable cake tin and delivered cakes to customers.