Published on 2/9/22


Tanguy Coelis

This February, discover a dessert by chef Tanguy Coelis, who has been named one of our Cercle V 2022 calendar winners.

His pâtisserie journey began 13 years ago when the chef came to do an internship at Manus where he has now spent 6 years as a pastry chef leading a team of 10 people!

Belgian patisserie Manus was founded in 1993 by Herman Janssens.

But what motivated him to become a pastry chef? He wanted to make sugar and chocolate art that showed his flair for innovation and modernity. This artistic sensibility is evident in his “Espino” dessert, which features a sea buckthorn and hazelnut crémeux nestled in a chocolate and almond-flour biscuit.

Don’t wait to discover this sought-after treat! Congratulations to the chef !

"Espino", par Tanguy ​​​​​​​Coelis, Manus