A range everyone can love

Plant-based pastry-making is aimed in part at vegetarians and vegans - but they aren’t the only audience! The target markets are diverse and, since only limited numbers of outlets stock plant-based food, it opens up an extra opportunity to invest in a booming market.

Plant-based pastries are also aimed at flexitarians and people with allergies and intolerances (to lactose, eggs and gluten), but we shouldn’t forget those of us who are simply curious and on the lookout for new sensory experiences who will relish the chance to discover sweet new pleasures.

A range everyone can love


Two couverture chocolates that finally make it easy to create indulgent, original plant-based creations.

Amatika blanche pack

Valrhona is transforming gourmet desserts by creating the first plant-based white couverture that’s as easy to work with as any other chocolate. Its texture and mellow taste offer an infinite field of possibilities.


The sweetness of the almonds and Amatika Blanche’s nutty notes conjure up images of a calm summer river catching the light as it ripples.


  • Ideal use : crémeux & ganaches
  • Recommended use :coating, molding, bars, mousses, ice creams and sorbets


Cherry, rhubarb, aniseed, hojicha tea, violet, black truffle, rosemary.


3kg bag of fèves : code 43096

Amatika 46

Valrhona has created the first-ever plant-based couverture chocolate, combining the mellowness and smoothness of almonds with the aromatic power of single origin Madagascan cocoa. Its unmatched flavor and texture live up to the demands and creativity of pastry chefs and makers around the world.

Single Origin Madagascar cocoa


The creamy texture of Amatika gives way to notes of cocoa, roasted almonds, and a hint of tanginess, reminiscent of a picnic in the peaceful ambiance of a Malagasy garden.


  • Ideal use : crémeux & ganaches
  • Recommended use : coating, molding, bars, mousses, ice creams & sorbets.


Orange blossom, grand marnier, jasmine, almond paste, banana, lemon zest, peach.


3 × 1kg slabs - code : 28074

Rethink your recipes

Going without dairy products and eggs is a real challenge. To find the right substitute for a conventional ingredient, first and foremost we need to understand the product’s composition and its role in the recipe.

Pastry-making is an exact science, with each ingredient having its specificities and every last gram counting towards the desired textures and tastes. For example, eggs’ role differs depending on the recipe (it can bind a cake or aerate a mousse).

You need to identify the ingredients you have to replace and find the plant-based equivalent for their role. Below, we give you a few pointers for finding plant-based alternatives for your recipes. Just make sure you select ethically sourced ingredients!

Rethink your recipes


  • EGGS :
    Water from oily nuts and seeds: chickpea cooking water, water used to soak chia seeds or cashews
    Rehydrated proteins: soya, potato, pea
  • CREAM : Cream of coconut

Binding and adding texture

  • EGGS :
    Puréed oily nuts and seeds: almond
    Flours: lupin, flaxseed
    Fibers: Citrus, flaxseed
  • BUTTER :
    Puréed oily nuts and seeds: almonds, cashews, sesame seeds
    Vegetable oils: coconut, grape seed, olive, flaxseed

Water-based ingredients'role

  • MILK OR CREAM : Drinks : coconut, soy, oat, almond, millet, etc.