Txacoli Entremets

Made with Ivoire 35%

An original recipe by L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Green Apple Compote

225g Granny Smith apples
9g Lemon juice
500g Granny Smith apple pulp
1 Vanilla pod
40g Caster sugar
8g NH pectin
5g Gelatine
12g Ginger juice
205g Cooked apple dice

Wash and peel the Granny Smith apples and dice into cubes. Put the apple cubes in a deep tray and slightly dry out in an oven at 100°C for about 15 minutes. Heat the apple pulp with the ginger juice and scraped vanilla pod. Stir in the pectin mixed with the sugar followed by the soaked and drained gelatine. Bring the compote to the boil for 1 to 2 minutes. Stir in the apple dice and allow to cool down for a few minutes.

Light Ivoire Vanilla Mousse

390g Whole milk
3 vanilla pods
12g Gelatine
500g IVOIRE 35%
540g whipping cream 35 %

The day before, infuse the vanilla in the milk. Strain through and heat the milk. Stir the softened gelatine in the milk and bring to the boil. Gradually pour the milk on the chopped chocolate whisking in the centre with a rubber spatula like for a ganache in order to get a glossy, smooth and elastic texture. Mix with a hand blender to smooth the texture. At 30°C, delicately fold in the supple whipped cream.

White And Green Chocolate Sprays

700g IVOIRE 35%
Oxide titanium
White fluid couverture
Lemon yellow food colouring
Apple green food colouring

Melt the cocoa butter and Ivoire couverture. Stir in the oxide titanium, mix with a hand blender and strain through. Use at a temperature of 40/45°C to spray. Stir the apple green colouring in the white fluid couverture and mix with a hand blender to dissolve it correctly.

Hazelnut Éclat D’Or Streuzelr

150g Butter 84%
150g Flour T45
150g Raw cane sugar
150g Ground hazelnut

Dice the cold butter in small cubes. Sieve all the powders together, add the butter and Éclat d’Or and mix in a kitchen mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Stop as soon as little dough lumps are formed. Spread out on a silicone mat and set aside in the refrigerator. Put the required amount of streuzel in the rings, slightly press down and bake at 150°C for about 15 to 18 min in a convection oven. Pastry Chef’s Tip: Once the streuzel is cooked and cooled down, spray a mix of cocoa butter and milk couverture in order to seal it away from humidity.

Praliné 66% Crémeux

60g Whipping cream 35%
8g Gelatine
200g Whipping cream 35%

Heat the 90 g of cream and stir in the soaked gelatine. Stir in the praliné, the texture splits and emulsify in a kitchen mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Gradually pour in the 305 g of cream to stabilise the emulsion in order to get a glossy and elastic texture, sign of a well started emulsion.

Assembly and finishing

If the praliné crémeux is too thick, reheat it before pouring in the ring on the streuzel sealed with cocoa butter. Make the green apple compote and pour it cold on the praliné crémeux. Freeze. Make the light Ivoire mousse, pour 210 g in each cake ring and insert the frozen assembly (streuzel, crémeux, compote) and freeze. Remove the cakes from the rings, whip a vanilla Chantilly cream and make a decor of drops. First, spray the cakes with the white fluid couverture and then, spray a light veil of green apple fluid couverture. Finish with a drop of Absolu Cristal glaze and a Valrhona chocolate square.