Strawberry Melba Transparence

Made with Ivoire 35%

Recipe calculated for 24 desserts served in glasses (verrine )

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Almond Streuzel

120g butter
120g high gluten flour
120g brown sugar
120g ground almonds

Dice the butter into small cubes. Sift the dry ingredients together. Add the butter and mix, using the paddle attachment. Small grains form, then the mixture forms an irregular mass. Stop mixing and let the mixture rest in a refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Press the paste through a 4 mm sieve or candy grid to obtain regular grains. Store in a refrigerator or freeze until needed. Spread the grains out regularly on a silicone sheet and bake at 150/160°C, damper open, until the streuzel turns a light golden brown. 15 g /verrine

Strawberry Marshmallow

300g caster sugar
70g strawberry pulp
105g inverted sugar
28g gelatine
70g strawberry pulp
150g inverted sugar
as required Pink strawberry colouring
as required Icing sugar
as required starch

Weigh the gelatine and add cold water to obtain total weight of 85 g. Cook the inverted sugar with the 300 g of caster sugar and the 70 g of strawberry pulp at 110°C. Pour the cooked sugar syrup into a mixing bowl over the inverted sugar and the remaining 70 g of strawberry pulp. Melt the gelatine in a microwave then pour over the hot sugars and whip until the mixture reaches the ribbon stage. When the marshmallow has cooled and still slightly runny, incorporate the colouring, then, as soon as the mixture has reached 35/40°C, pour into a 10 cm ganache frame placed on a buttered silicone sheet. Smooth with a Pascal spreader (Raplette). Allow to gel for 30 minutes, then sprinkle the surface with a mixture of icing sugar and starch. After the marshmallow has gelled for several hours, cut into 10 x 10 cm cubes with a guitar. Immediately roll the cubes in a candissoire filled with a mixture of icing sugar and starch. 5 à 7 cubes /verrine

Whipped Ivoire And Vanilla Ganache

600g whipping cream 35%
60g inverted sugar
60g glucose
200g IVOIRE 35%
900g whipping cream 35%
4 vanilla pods

Infuse the vanilla in the 900 g of cold cream overnight. Bring the cream to the boil with the inverted sugar and the glucose. Gradually pour the boiling hot liquid over the melted couverture and cocoa butter, mixing from the centre to create a shiny and elastic core, showing the start of an emulsion. Continue adding the liquid little by little. Mix with a hand held mixer to perfect the emulsion. Sieve the cold vanilla flavoured cream through a chinois and add to the ganache. Mix again to finish. Set aside in a refrigerator and allow to crystallize, if possible, overnight. Whip the mixture to obtain piping consistency. 25 g + 45 g/verrine

Strawberry Coulis

225g strawberry pulp
22g lemon juice

Mix the strawberry pulp with the glaze and the lemon juice. Pour the mixture into half sphere moulds (3 cm in diameter). Freeze. 15 g /half sphère

Fresh Strawberry Glaze

210g fresh strawberries
25g lemon juice

Mix the strawberries with the lemon juice, then add the Absolu Cristal glaze. Set aside in a refrigerator. 16 g /verrine

Assembly and finishing

Put 15 g of Almond streuzel and Strawberry marshmallow cubes into the base of the glasses.
Using a plain nozzle, cover the Almond streuzel with Whipped Ivoire ganache (25 g).
Insert a half sphere of Strawberry coulis. Using a 20 mm fluted nozzle, make an attractive pointed rosette shape with the Whipped Ivoire ganache (45 g). Pour the Fresh strawberry coulis into the gaps in the rosette and decorate with a half strawberry.