Strawberry And Vanilla

Made with Opalys 33%

Original recipe by Franck WENZ

6 steps

Recipe made for 25 servings

Recipe Step by Step


Genoa Sponge

315g Whole eggs
60g Flour T45
4g Baking powder

Whip the eggs with the almond paste heating to about 40/415°C. Meanwhile, melt the butter down and sieve the flour with the baking powder. Once the eggs are up to ribbon stage, take out a little and mix the butter in, pour back and fold the flour in. Bake at 160/180°C for about 15 to 20 minutes, vent opened.

Strawberry Confit

140g Strawberry pulp
30g Raspberry pulp
10g Caster sugar
1g NH pectin
1g Lemon juice

Heat the pulps to about 40°C, stir in the pectin mixed with the sugar, give it a quick boil and stir in the lemon juice. Set aside in the refrigerator.

Opalys 33% Vanilla Whipped Ganache

150g Whipping cream 35%
15g Inverted sugar
15g Glucose
100g OPALYS 33%
220g Whipping cream 35%
5 Tahiti’s vanilla pods

Bring the cream, glucose, inverted sugar to the boil with the vanilla pods. Gradually pour on the chocolate stirring in the centre with rubber spatula to a smooth and elastic core of emulsion. Mix with a hand blender, add in the liquid and cold cream and set aside in the refrigerator overnight. Whip.

Vanilla Espuma

500g Whole milk
30g Caster sugar
5g Whole milk
1 Caster sugar

Heat the milk with the vanilla pods, at 40°C, stir in the pectin mixed with the sugar and bring to the boil. Strain through and set aside in the refrigerator.


220g Salted butter
100g Raw cane sugar
4g Baking powder
50g Starch
300g Flour T55

Dice the cold butter in small cubes, sieve the powders together, add in the butter and mix to a dough kneading to a minimum. Set aside in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Push through a grid in order to get regular granules. Keep in the freezer, bake at 150/160°C to golden brown.


550g Mara des bois strawberries

Hull the strawberries, cut in quarters, toss in the strawberry confit.

Assembly and finishing

Genoa sponge: Make and pour the recipe in a frame of 24 x 34 cm, bake at 160°C for about 15 minutes and cut into cubes of 1.5 cm a side.
Shortbread: Cut out Ø35 mm discs of shortbread using a pastry cutter and bake at 150/160°C for about 15 minutes.
Place 4 cubes of Genoa sponge at the bottom of the soup plate, spoon about 30 g of strawberry mix. Using a pastry bag fitted with a 10 mm plain nozzle, pipe four balls of whipped ganache (20 g). Just before sending out, squeeze the espuma covering the fruits partially, decorate with a shortbread disc and serve.