Sollies Chocolate Bonbons

Made with Almond Inspiration

An original recipe by Christophe Domange

5 steps

Makes 340 pieces

Recipe Step by Step


Almond Inspiration Ganache

230g whipping cream
100g Glucose DE 60
65g Sorbitol
50g Invert sugar
50g european butter

Heat the cream with the glucose, sorbitol powder and invert sugar. Slowly pour this hot mixture over the melted ALMOND INSPIRATION couverture. Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion. Once the ganache is at 95°F (35°C), add the tempered butter and mix using an immersion blender. Garnish at approx. 80°F (27°C).

Citric Acid Solution

5g Water
5g Citric acid

Warm the water and incorporate the citric acid. Mix and leave to dissolve.

Fig And Blackcurrant Fruit Paste

65g sugar
14g Yellow pectin
440g Fig purée
95g Blackcurrant purée
95g Figs
470g Caster sugar
125g Glucose DE 38/40
10g Citric acid solution

Mix the smaller portion of sugar with the pectin. Heat the fruit purées and figs to 105°F (40°C). Add in the sugar and pectin mix, stirring throughout. Boil, then gradually add the rest of the sugar. Boil again, then add the glucose. Cook at 75°Brix on a refractometer. Add the citric acid solution and cook for 30 seconds. Pour immediately.

Fig And Blackcurrant Mixed Fruit Paste

1150g Fig and blackcurrant fruit paste
4g Lemon zest
4g Orange zest

In an electric mixer, combine the cold fruit paste, zest and ABSOLU CRISTAL. Set aside.

Almond Inspiration Spray Mix


Melt the ingredients together. Use a chinois to strain before using the mixture. To give your spray mix a velvety finish, heat the mixture to 105-115°F (40-45°C) and spray it onto your frozen product.

Assembly and finishing

Use a spray gun to apply the tempered Almond Inspiration mixture to the molds.
Scrape off any excess and leave to harden.
Mold with tempered Almond Inspiration.
Turn out and leave the couverture chocolate to spread for a few moments, then smooth away any excess. Drain the molds by holding them suspended over two rulers. Before they harden completely, trim any excess off the half-spheres.
Leave to harden.
Use a piping bag to fill the molded chocolate bonbons with mixed fruit paste (approx. 4g).
Garnish and finish off with approx. 3g of Almond Inspiration at 80°F (27-28°C).
Leave to harden for 24 hours at 60°F (17°C) and a 60% relative humidity level.
To seal the chocolate bonbons, use a heat gun to soften the edges of the half-spheres, then close off the hole with some tempered Almond Inspiration.
This way, the joints will be seamless.


For chocolate bonbons with totally smooth bases, apply a fine layer of tempered couverture chocolate then immediately cover with confectionery dipping paper and press down, making sure to remove any air bubbles using a thin spatula.
Leave to harden at 60°F (17°C) then turn out.Alter your recipe to suit the season: Swap the fig and blackcurrant fruit paste with another fruit of your choice such as strawberries or apricots.
Just don’t forget to adjust the quantities!