Raspberry Malinko

Made with Raspberry Inspiration

An original recipe by Romain Grzelczyk

1 step

Makes 240 x 3cm half-spheres

Recipe Step by Step


Bahibé Raspberry Ganache

500g Raspberry purée
500g sugar
50g glucose
150g european butter

Cook the purée, sugar and glucose to 104°C (220°F). Stop cooking and let the temperature fall to 75-80°C (165-175°F). Slowly pour the hot mixture over the melted BAHIBÉ 46% couverture. Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion. As soon as the mixture is at 35°C (95°F), add the tempered butter and mix again.

Assembly and finishing

Use a spray gun and spray gun mixture which you have pre-set at 85°F (30°C).
Partially spray the half-sphere molds. Scrape off any excess and leave to harden.
Then use as a mold for the pre-set fruit couverture. Turn out and leave to spread for a few moments, then smooth away any excess.
Drain the molds by holding them suspended over two rulers. Before they harden completely, trim any excess off the half-spheres. Leave to harden.
Use a piping bag to fill the half-spheres with ganache.
Make sure that the temperature of the ganache is below 80°F (28°C). Leave to harden for 24 hours at 60°F (17°C) and a 60% relative humidity level.
To seal the chocolate bonbons, use a heat gun to soften the edges of the half-spheres, then close off the hole with some tempered Bahibé. This way, the joints will be seamless.
Tip: For chocolate bonbons with totally smooth bases, apply a fine layer of tempered fruit couverture then immediately cover with confectionery dipping paper and press down, making sure to remove any air bubbles using a thin spatula. Leave to harden at 60°F (17°C) then turn out.