Recipe Quetsche Whisky Caramel Chocolate Mousse

Quetsche Whisky Caramel Chocolate Mousse

Made with Oqo 73%

An original recipe by Andreas Vasiliadis

7 steps

MakeS 10 individual desserts

Recipe Step by Step



9g Gelatin
28g Sugar
226g Quetsche purée
9g Lemon juice
102g Cream
374g Total weight

Soak gelatin in cold water.
Mix the sugar with the quetsche purée and lemon juice.
Whip the cream.
Heat a small amount of the sugar, quetsche purée, and lemon juice mixture and stir in the softened and drained gelatin.
Add this bloomed gelatin to the rest of the mixture, then stir in the whipped cream.
Mix together until the mousse is smooth.
Fill individual round molds with the mousse and place in the freezer.


250g Milk
150g Cream
100g Egg yolks
50g Sugar
2 pieces Gelatin
214g OQO 73%
765g Total weight

Make a crème anglaise with the milk, cream, egg yolks, and sugar.
Pour the mixture over the previously softened and drained gelatin, and over the OQO 73% couverture.
Allow to melt for a few minutes, then whisk to combine.


160g Sugar
70g Cream
100g Butter
44g Whiskey
374g Total weight

Make a dry caramel, then deglaze with the previously warmed cream.
Mix, then add the butter and finally, the whiskey.


150g Sugar
75g Orange juice
500g Quetsches
1 pièce Lemon juice
726g Total weight

Make a dry caramel, then deglaze with the orange juice.
Then add the quetsches, and cook over low heat for a few minutes with the lid on, until the quetsches are soft.
Once the fruit is cooked, take the saucepan off the heat and add the lemon juice.
Leave to cool, then blend to obtain a smooth sauce.


16g Vanilla bean
19g Invert sugar
9g Powdered dextrose
44g Total weight

Use a food processor to blend the dried vanilla beans with the sugar and dextrose powder into a smooth paste.


69,8g Sugar
4,8g Agar
220g Water
4,3g Vanilla paste
289g Whiskey
587,9g Total weight

Mix sugar and agar.
In a saucepan, heat the water with the previously prepared vanilla paste to 40°C. On reaching the temperature, add the sugar and
agar, then bring to a boil.
Take the saucepan off the heat and add the whiskey.
Leave to cool completely before blending with an immersion blender.


300g OPALYS 33%
30g Sunflower oil
330g Total weight

Melt the OPALYS 33% with the sunflower oil at 40°C.
Leave to cool completely before blending with an immersion blender.

Assembly and finishing

Recipe Quetsche Whisky Caramel Chocolate Mousse

200g OQO 73%

Take a pasteurization jar and place it in the freezer to keep it cold in order to promote setting. Temper the OQO couverture before pouring it into the cold jar. Place the jar into a vacuum machine. Create a vacuum and switch off the machine a few seconds before the end of the process. Leave the jar in the machine for 15-20 minutes until the couverture has set fully. Remove the couverture from the jar, and break off pieces to use for decorating the desserts.

As needed cocoa nibs
Unmold the quetsche mousse, and dip each piece 1/3 of the way into the glaze. Drain off the excess glaze, then coat in the cocoa nibs.

Place the quetsche mousse coated with the glaze and cocoa nibs onto a plate. Lightly hollow out the center of each dessert to pour in a little of the quetsche sauce. Pipe a ring of OQO crémeux around the quetsche sauce on top of the dessert. Finally, add dots of caramel and whiskey jelly onto the crémeux, along with pieces of the set OQO couverture. Decorate with gold leaf and flower petals.