Pressed Strawberry Tart

Made with Ivoire 35%

Makes four 60 x 10cm stainless-steel frames to serve 18

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Vanilla Sweet Shortcrust

300g dry butter 84%
4g salt
100g icing sugar
220g all-purpose flour
55g starch
15g cooked egg yolk
2 vanilla beans

Sift the flour, starch and icing sugar. Microwave the egg yolks. Combine with the butter, salt and the split and scraped vanilla bean. e. As soon as it is evenly combined, spread the mixture between two baking mats to a thickness of 2mm and bake at 160°C until it starts to color. Set aside in a dry place.

Pressed Sablé Feuilleté

745g Vanilla Sweet Shortcrust or Chocolate Vanilla Sweet Shortcrust
625g Inverted Puff Pastry
745g OPALYS 33%

Reduce the cooked Sweet Shortcrust Pastry and the Inverted Puff Pastry to crumbs in a food processer, then add the Éclats d’Or and the melted chocolate.

Strawberry Poppy Compote

480g frozen whole strawberries
480g strawberry pulp
165g glucose syrup
195g caster sugar
20g pectin NH
75g caster sugar
100g lemon juice
6g citric acid
6g poppy flavoring

Cook the strawberries in a pan. As soon as they are hot, add the pectin combined with the smaller quantity of sugar. Bring to the boil. Add the remaining sugar, bring to the boil again and add the glucose. Cool to 50°C and add the lemon juice, citric acid and poppy flavoring. Set aside in the refrigerator.

Whipped Ivoire Almond Ganache

430g whipping cream 35% fat
45g invert sugar
45g glucose
150g IVOIRE 35%
785g whipping cream 35% fat
2 vanilla beans
5g lemon zests

Bring the smaller quantity of cream to the boil with the invert sugar, glucose, vanilla beans and lemon zest. Strain. Slowly pour the boiling mixture onto the melted chocolate and cocoa butter, mixing in the center to obtain a smooth, glossy and elastic texture, signifying the emulsion process is underway. Continue gradually adding the liquid and process to perfect the emulsion. Gradually add the remaining cold cream and process. Add the diced almond paste and process again. Leave to set in the refrigerator, overnight if possible. Whip before use to ensure the mixture is consistent enough for piping.

Absolu Cristal Spray Glaze

100g water

Bring the Absolu Cristal and water to the boil and process. Use immediately in a spray gun at around 80°C.

Assembly and finishing

Make the Pressed Sablé Feuilleté and use a spoon to add 650g to each 60 x 10cm frame, pressing down evenly. Remove the frames and set aside in the refrigerator. Use a piping bag with no nozzle to pipe around 180g of Strawberry Compote on the base. Use a 10mm nozzle to pipe around 450g of Whipped Ivoire Ganache on top, in irregular lengths. Blast freeze. Spray the strips of tart with the hot Absolu Spray Glaze. To finish the decoration, temper some white chocolate. Use a little oil to stick some acetate sheets onto perfectly flat trays. Sift some vanilla powder on top and then pour a little couverture on the sheet and cover immediately with a second sheet and then roll out, spreading the chocolate towards the exterior. Check the thickness. Leave to set at 17°C. Arrange a few fresh strawberries on the tart (see photo), add a few shards of white chocolate and a house logo.