Recipe OQO 73% Gourmet Bar

OQO 73% Gourmet Bar

Made with Oqo 73%

A recipe by chef Jean Oronotz

1 step

Makes 10 servings

Recipe Step by Step



70 g Water
212,5g Glucose syrup 38/40 DE
50g  Sorbitol
135g Unsalted butter
200g Block of 100% extra cocoa paste
25g Cocoa butter

200g Sterilized whipping cream 
892,5 g Total weight

Make a soft caramel. Bring the water, glucose, and sorbitol to a boil in a saucepan. Add the butter, cocoa paste, and cocoa butter. Cook at 115°C, stirring constantly. Once cooked, take the caramel off the heat andincorporate the cream. Create an emulsion.

Assembly and finishing

Recipe OQO 73% Gourmet Bar

As needed OQO 73%

Fill Gourmet Bar molds with 80g of cold caramel for a 200g gourmet bar. Leave to set for 24 hours. Seal with the prepared OQO couverture. Unmold and enjoy