Made with Guanaja 70%

Recipe by l’Ecole Valrhona

2 steps

Recipe made for 1 frame of 34 x 34 cm by 10 mm high

Recipe Step by Step


Guanaja Raspberry Ganache

250g Whipping cream 35%
300g Raspberry pulp
670g GUANAJA 70%
130g Inverted sugar
140g Butter 84%
30g Orange blossom water

Partially melt the couverture. Bring the cream to the boil with the inverted sugar and gradually pour on the chocolate. Stir in the centre with a rubber spatula to create a smooth and elastic core of emulsion, add in the raspberry pulp. When the ganache reaches 35/40°C, add in the butter diced in small cubes followed by the orange blossom water. Mix with a hand blender, pour in a frame of 10 mm high sealed with dark chocolate beforehand. Allow to crystallise at 17°C and 60% hygrometry.

Red And Gold Sparkling Solution

Alcohol 70°

Mix the ingredients together and keep in airtight bottle.

Assembly and finishing

Pre-coat the ganache slab with couverture, cut out in rectangles of 15 x 36 mm. Spread the red sparkling solution on a plastic sheet and make swirl patterns with you fingers wearing gloves. Allow to dry out. Brush bronze sparkling powder on the entire surface. Coat the bonbons and apply the decor sheets. Allow to crystallise at 17°C.