Dulcey Teatime Spread

Made with Blond® Dulcey 35%

Recipe from the École du Grand Chocolat

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fills around seven pots for spread Approx

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Dulcey Teatime Spread

450g Unsweetened condensed milk
150g Glucose DE 60
820g DULCEY 35%

Heat the condensed milk with the glucose. Slowly pour the warm mixture onto the partially melted chocolate, stirring in the center until glossy and elastic, signifying the emulsion process is underway. Take care to preserve this texture throughout, gradually adding the liquid. Finish with the liquid butter. Blend to perfect the emulsion. As soon as the ganache reaches 25°C, pour into pots. Set aside at 17°C. NOTE: This recipe has a shelf life of three to four weeks and should be enjoyed at room temperature.

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