Carriacou Tartlet - Bistro Version

Made with Guanaja 70%

Makes 24 desserts

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Crème Anglaise

460g Liquid whipping cream 35%
460g whole milk
180g egg yolks
90g caster sugar

Mix the egg yolks and sugar (without beating). Bring the cream and milk to the boil and pour over the egg yolk mix. Thicken the mixture at a temperature of 185°F (85°C), strain through muslin and use immediately.

Chocolate Cream Mix

1120g crème anglaise
425g GUANAJA 70%

Once the crème anglaise is heated through and has been strained, make an emulsion by slowly pouring it over the melted couverture. Immediately mix using an electric mixer to make a perfect emulsion. Leave to stiffen in the fridge.

Almond Shortbread

220g dry butter 84%
165g icing sugar
55g powdered almonds
3g fine salt
90g whole eggs
110g Strong white bread flour
325g Strong white bread flour

First mix the creamed butter, salt, icing sugar, powdered almonds, eggs and the smaller portion of flour. Do not beat this mixture. Once the mixture is well incorporated, quickly add the remaining flour. Store in the fridge or spread out immediately. Bake at 300°F (150°C).

Chocolate Shortbread Clusters

210g almond shortbread
150g GUANAJA 70%

Roughly break up one portion of baked shortbread then mix with tempered couverture. Set aside.

Very Fine Cocoa Biscuit

100g Dry butter 84%
100g icing sugar
100g egg whites
80g French white pastry flour

Make a beurre noisette. Leave to cool. Sieve the powdered ingredients then add the icing sugar, half the egg white, the flour and the cocoa powder to the beurre noisette. Add the second half of egg white. Do not whip this mixture. Spread the mixture out into various shapes. Bake at 390-410°F (200-210°C) for a few minutes, depending on the biscuits’ size.

Assembly and finishing

Make the cream mix, the shortbread and the fine biscuits.
Roll the shortbread out to a thickness of 2.5mm.
Use a cutter to cut out 7cm diameter disks.
Bake at 300°F (150°C) for approx. 16 minutes. Store away from humidity.
Use shortbread pastry offcuts to make the clusters.
Use a pie spatula to spread out the fine biscuit mix on a silicone mat to make fine, elongated shapes (see photo).
Bake at 390°F (200°C) for approx. 5 minutes and store away from humidity.
Place the shortbread disk at the center of the plate.
Use a piping bag with a small, round 10mm diameter nozzle to pipe droplets of cream mix onto the disk. Decorate with a few clusters and the fine biscuit.Bistro tips : It’s quick and easy to use a shortbread pastry that doesn’t need to line a tin.
You can customize your dessert of the day with different decorations.
Don’t forget to use any shortbread pastry offcuts for the clusters!