Caramel Praliné Sprinkles Chocolate Bonbon

Made with Noisette 66% - 7531

Recipe made for: 168 Dark chocolate shells

2 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Cinnamon Caramel Sprinkles

277g Caster sugar
9g Cinnamon powder

Cook the caster sugar dry to a dark brown caramel. Stir in the cinnamon powder, pour the flavoured caramel on a silicon mat and allow to cool. Crush the caramel sheet in a food processor to a coarse powder. Calibrate through a coarse sieve. Crush and calibrate until all the caramel bits are sieved through. Now, sieve the coarse caramel powder through a fine strainer to remove the caramel dust. Keep away from humidity.

Milk Chocolate Praliné Coating


Melt down the milk couverture and praliné to about 45°C. Temper down to 25°C and use immediately for coating.

Assembly and finishing

Melt down the dark couverture and praliné to about 45/50°C. Temper the mass down to 24°C. Crush and sieve the Éclats d’Or through to remove the wafer crumbs dust. Stir in the sprinkles of wafer crumbs and cinnamon caramel. Fill the milk chocolate shells and allow to crystallise for 12 hours at 17°C and 60% hygrometry. Seal the chocolate shells with milk chocolate couverture. Spread some dark couverture to a very thin layer between two plastic sheets using a rolling pin. Allow to crystallise. Crumple the couverture sheet to chocolate fragments and toss in bronze sparkling powder diluted in alcohol to colour them. Place the filled chocolate shells in a mixing bowl and put a pair of latex gloves on. Pour a little bit of tempered milk chocolate praliné coating and stir the shells around to coat them. Immediately, transfer to a silicone paper sheet sprinkled with the bronze coloured chocolate fragments and partially roll the shells on it. Allow to crystallise.