Blackcurrant Granny Smith Tart

Made with Opalys 33%

Makes six 16 cm diameter tarts

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Rich Vanilla Shortcrust Pastry

4g salt
90g icing sugar
10g egg yolk
250g all-purpose flour
50g starch
275g dry butter 84%
2 vanilla beans

Sift the flour, starch and icing sugar. Cook the egg yolks in the microwave, then mix with the butter, salt and split and scraped vanilla. Bake at 160°C until golden and set aside in a dry place.

Vanilla Almond Cream

210g whole eggs
50g ground almonds
2 vanilla beans
210g dry butter 84%
20g cornstarch

Soften the almond paste by adding the eggs one by one. Add the ground almonds, the vanilla and the softened butter. Gently beat the mixture and then add the starch. Set aside in the fridge.

Apple And Blackcurrant Compote

400g blackcurrant puree
200g Granny Smith apple puree
100g glucose
100g caster sugar
4g pectin NH
4g gelatin
200g Granny Smith apple cubed

Heat the purees with the glucose, add the pectin that has been mixed with the sugar and then the soaked and strained gelatin. Boil the mixture for 1-2 minutes. Add the apple brunoise, bring to the boil and use immediately.

Whipped Opalys And Apple Ganache

225g apple juice
10g glucose
300g OPALYS 33%
20g Manzana liqueur
550g whipping cream 35%

Simmer the apple juice with the glucose. Slowly pour the boiling mixture onto the melted couverture, blending in the center to create a glossy and elastic core, indicating the emulsion process has begun. Continue mixing, gradually adding the remaining liquid. Blend to perfect the emulsion. Add the cold cream and blend. Leave to set in the fridge, overnight if possible. Whip the mixture to obtain the correct texture for piping.

Absolu Glaze For Spraying

15g Water

Boil the Absolu Cristal with the water and blend. Use immediately in a spray gun at a temperature of around 80°C.

Assembly and finishing

Roll out the Rich Shortcrust Pastry to a thickness of 2.5 mm and leave to rest in the fridge before cutting out 16 cm diameter discs and baking them in rings for around 12 minutes at 160°C. Then use a piping bag with no nozzle to add 150 g of Almond Cream to the cooked pastry circles and bake at 180°C for 10-12 minutes. After chilling, make the Apple and Blackcurrant Compote and immediately add 150 g to each circle. Blast freeze. Unmold the tart bases from their rings. Lightly whip the Whipped Ivoire and Apple Ganache and then using a piping bag with a 9 mm nozzle, add 190 g of Whipped Ganache to each tart in a random pattern. Blast freeze. Use a spray gun to spray the tarts with hot Absolu Glaze. Arrange the sticks of apple and a house logo on top.