Bahibe Chocolate Bonbon

Made with Bahibe 46%

Makes one 34 x 34 cm frame or approximately 190 bonbons

3 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Bahibe Lactée Ganache

420g whipping cream 35% fat
100g invert sugar
165g dry butter 84% fat

Bring the sugar to the boil with the cream. Slowly pour the boiling mixture onto the melted chocolate. Mix using circular movements with a rubber spatula to create a glossy and elastic texture. Take care to preserve this texture throughout. As soon as the ganache reaches 35-40°C (95-104°F), add the diced butter and blend, taking care not to incorporate any air.

Long Pepper And Salt Mixture

2g long pepper
4g salt

Combine the two ingredients and set aside.

Bahibe Chocolate Bonbon

1500g BAHIBE LACTÉE Ganache
6g long pepper and salt mixture
long pepper as required

Pour the Bahibe Lactée Ganache into a 34 x 34 x 1 cm frame on an acetate sheet coated with milk chocolate couverture. Leave to set for 24-36 hours at 17°C (62.6°F) and 60% humidity. Once the ganache is set, coat with a layer of tempered milk chocolate couverture and sprinkle immediately with the Long Salt and Pepper Mixture. Use a guitar cutter to make 15 x 36 mm rectangles.

Assembly and finishing

Coat the bonbons with some milk chocolate couverture and decorate with some finely ground long pepper before the chocolate sets.