Read on to discover our selection of gourmet mangoes recipes, dreamed up by the pastry chefs at L'École Valrhona.


Mangoes, a ray of sunshine in winter!

The most widely consumed tropical fruit in the world after bananas, mangoes can be enjoyed in Europe from December to February. Their soft, creamy flesh with orange-yellow hues unfurls with floral peachy notes. 

They blend perfectly into savory and sweet cooking alike, and can make any meal special, from light meals to lavish feasts, much to our delight.

This holiday season, pastry chef Jérémy Aspa brings you the Olaff Yule log. Thevegan Grand Cru chocolate, Amatika 46%, ties together exotic flavors with Kesar and Alphonso mangoes on a banana sponge with a creamy almond and coconut praliné. A delicious plant-based recipe.

Would you like to offer several mango desserts in your store? Discover our selection of seasonal recipes that will surprise your customers and liven up your store front. 

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