Tablette Dégustation Komuntu 80%

For Tasting Chocolate tasting bar Komuntu 80%

Valrhona presents the unique taste of Komuntu 80% in a 70g tasting bar. This bar is the perfect size to discover the art of chocolate tasting.

Flavor Profile Bitterness

Secondary Notes Woody

Hint of Roasted cocoa nibs

Product Information
Tablette Dégustation Komuntu 80%

Valrhona showcases the strength and bitterness of cocoa from almost all its producers, for an intense sensory experience.

This bar reveals bitter, woody and toasted notes. The high percentage of cocoa in this dark chocolate bar gives it its aromatic intensity. Thus, this chocolate remains low in sugar and is perfect for those who love bitter tastes and intense dark chocolate.


% of main ingredient

80% of Cocoa

Best by:

18 months


Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla.

Packaging Format

70g bar - 48536 - 48536

Other feature(s)

May contain gluten, nuts, milk, soy