72° Brix cocoa fruit juice concentrate awarded with Sirha Innovation Awards 2021.

A new material to work with, won from the cocoa tree.  A multitude of applications for chefs and artisans. The power of a rare and unexpected taste... 

Valrhona presents Oabika, a new universe of creativity.

Oabika is a cocoa fruit juice concentrate, made from the still-undervalued white pulp that protects beans in the cocoa pod, also known as mucilage. Its nuanced aromatic profile, oscillating between fruity and tangy notes, instantly takes us to the heart of the plantations to discover the rare and exceptional taste of the fruit of the cocoa tree. Its syrupy texture and amber color make it an exceptional ingredient, the new key ingredient for chefs and artisans around the world.

The new key ingredient for your creativity

Oabika is an all-new material to work with and an inexhaustible source of creativity for chefs and artisans, whose imagination is fed by new sensations. It is an ingredient that will satisfy the needs of all gastronomy professionals—pastry chefs, chocolatiers, ice cream makers, restaurateurs, caterers and mixologists. It can be used pure or diluted for sweet and savory recipes alike, to make toppings, sauces, glazes, ganaches, jellies, mousses, creams, ice creams, sorbets, drinks and much more.

«Be daring! ». This completely unprecedented golden concentrate offers a multitude of applications: icing, molten centers, fruit pastes, chocolate bonbons, drinks, ice creams and more. It allows you to compose new gourmet scores, imagine sweet and savory gastronomy in a different way, and to push your limits.