Published on 4/3/23

Tête-à-tête with Chef Nicolas Durousseau

Chef Nicolas Durousseau's portrait

We recently met Nicolas Durousseau, Executive Pastry Chef at Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai.

For Nicolas Durousseau, pastry is first and foremost a story of passion. The passion to share a pleasure, an emotion and a feeling. Transmission of knowledge and passion appear as the centerpiece of the profession which drive chefs forward.

The dessert proposed by the chef was “Evea”, initially dedicated to his two girls, “Léa” and “Eva” and thus created on their preferences.

The entremets is composed of a reconstitute sugar crust pastry and cream cheese which brings roundness. Some freshness and delicacy are added through a raspberry jelly and Valrhona raspberry Inspiration. The dessert is served with an Opalys ribbon to make the presentation more attractive. This generous and affectionate pastry perfectly captures the personality of his two girls.

Nicolas Durousseau's recipe

For Nicolas Durousseau, Valrhona allows chefs to express themselves on different aspects, such as laboratory, shops or even restaurant recipes, thanks to the large couverture range. Moreover, he likes the approach of the Valrhona pastry chefs which has always been focused on helping professional and the gastronomy.

Nicolas really likes the link he has with Valrhona saying:

« I associate my relationship with Valrhona as several decades of complicity, a link based on understanding. »

His favourite couverture is Guanaja 70%. He loves the warmth, flesh and rounded character which enables various applications.