Published on 4/3/23

Tête-à-tête with Chef Hugo Sipp

Chef Hugo Sipp's portrait

Hugo Sipp is a highly skilled corporate Pastry chef at Fouquet, with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the world of fine dining. Born in Strasbourg (France), he attended culinary school for five years, spending four years in the kitchen and one year in pastry. He then spent six years working in a palace and 5-star hotels on the French Riviera, before moving back to his hometown of Strasbourg to work as a Pastry Chef in a 1 Michelin star restaurant.

In 2018, Hugo took on the role of Pastry Sous Chef at Pierre Gagnaire Restaurant in Dubai, where he honed his skills even further. He was then promoted to Pastry Chef for the opening of Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi in 2020. With his exceptional talent and experience, he was promoted to Corporate Pastry Chef for the GLB group in UAE in 2023, after successfully leading several other restaurant openings.

Hugo Sipp Fouquets's recipe

Aside from his passion for pastry, Hugo enjoys sport, particularly rugby, and spending time in restaurants. For him, the French « Art de Vivre » is all about elegance, class and refinement. A beautiful, decorated table, delicious food, and fine wine are all key elements, with a classic French dessert being the ultimate indulgence. At Fouquet’s, Hugo’s creativity and expertise ensure that every dessert is a work of art, reflecting the restaurant’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of the fine dining experience.

« My favourite product from Valrhona is Araguani chocolate, as Chocolate lover Araguani 72% is the perfect chocolate which combines the power of cocoa and the delicacy that the chocolate should bring. 

Working with Valrhona it's the insurance to work with the best renowned Chocolate and bring the quality to our customer which I believe is a must in our industry. I'm very thankful also for always getting the support of the Valrhona team. »

He showed us the making of the famous Fouquet’s Arc de Triomphe: the Arc de Triomphe chocolate filled with a layered cake combining a joconde sponge soaked with a coffee syrup, a coffee ganache and an Araguani-Jivara chocolate ganache.