Published on 12/5/22

CERCLE V x Jean-François Chastanet


Jean-François Chastanet

For the month of December, we would like to thank and congratulate everyone who took part in the Cercle V 2022 calendar! 

Let’s end the year in style with Jean-François Chastanet, pastry chef at ateliervillefranche.

His pastries are characterized by quality sourcing. He chooses his ingredients carefully so he can showcase them at their best.

In his eyes, pastry-making is “an aesthetic that prioritizes flavor!”

Once he had discovered Oabika (a cocoa juice concentrate made from cocoa pods’ pulp), Jeff wanted to play around with and spotlight this product in a new creation. He put his creativity to good use in a dessert using Oabika and chocolate, featuring a biscuit, a light Tahitian vanilla cream, an Oabika melting filling, Tulakalum whipped Chantilly cream and pure Oabika.

This creation was co-created with the whole team because, as the chef explains, “we can’t achieve anything if we’re working on our own. Co-creation helps us step out of our comfort zone and offer desserts that genuinely stand out from the crowd.”

Entremets autour d'Oabika et du chocolat