Published on 5/1/22

Cercle V member Paula Stakelum creates the OABIKA Legend

Cercle V member Paula Stakelum creates the OABIKA Legend
Paula Stakelum

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

My name is Paula Stakelum, Director of Chocolate & Patisserie at Red Carnation Hotels in Ireland


OABIKA legend

What does the theme of Africa inspire you?

When I saw the theme of Africa I knew that it will pair perfectly with our LEGEND 55% chocolate, the bespoke couverture we’ve created with Valrhona, a couple of years ago. All the beans are sourced directly from Africa. But what we said to Valrhona at the time, it was really important that sustainability and flavours were forefront of what we’ve created. So the chocolate should have paired directly with the ingredients from our estate in Ireland. One of the ingredient we did chose to create and pair with LEGEND is the honey but the first time I tested Oabika I just remember it just tasted like the honey we have in the estate at the moment. So I just knew it will be a perfect match for this recipe.

Can you explain us your creation?

I wanted to create a dessert that really showcase Oabika to our guests. The dessert created is an afternoon tea pastry using our LEGEND chocolate, showcasing Oabika and also using cocoa nibs too. It was how I could best showcase LEGEND and Oabika together, how they will pair very well.
So the transfer we’ve used with the chocolate it’s called the pobal that emphasizes what all the local communities represents for us at Ashford.
The pobal represents the part of the community and the different colours represent each part of the community from our suppliers to the people who work in the castle and to everybody around us.
I’ve chosen to use the LEGEND with this dessert because when we talked about Oabika and the community in Africa it brings together the link of Ireland and Africa

Why do you use the Legend Chocolate in your creation?

It’s a 55% Milk chocolate with a little bit of bitterness, it’s quite floral.