Published on 2/4/22

Cercle V member Nicolas Rouzaud creates the Chocolate Nyangbo Millefeuille

Chocolate Nyangbo Millefeuille
Nicolas Rouzaud - Portrait


Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

My name is Nicolas Rouzaud. I am a pastry chef working at the Connaught for 4 years now. I started here when I was 16 years old.

Chocolate Nyangbo Millefeuille

What does the theme of Africa inspire you?

The Africa theme a lot because I went to Africa and I really love the chocolate there. So when I’ve heard about the theme of Cercle V challenge, I immediately wanted to participate.

Can you explain us your creation?

Usually I do plated dessert. For this Cercle V Challenge, I wanted to do a pastry. The kind of pastry you can find on a pastry shop. Recently, we opened a pastry shop at the Connaught so the inspiration came from this pastry shop. That’s why I’ve done a millefeuille, a French pastry. The millefeuille has the shape of the cocoa bean. I wanted to show the basement of the chocolate. That’s why I create the shape of the cocoa bean. It is made with few layers. It is made with a pain de gene, a chocolate puff pastry, chocolate cremeux made with Nyangbo and caramel sauce.

Why do you use Nyangbo 68% in your creation?

I wanted to use the Nyangbo Chocolate because I really like this strong flavor coming from this chocolate and the match with vanilla and caramel is extremely powerful.