Published on 3/3/22

Cercle V member Michael Kwan creates the OABIKA poached kumquats, caramelised macadamia & Nyangbo ganache

Recipe Cercle V Challenge 2022 - Michael Kwan
Michael Kwan

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

My name is Michael Kwan. I come from Hong Kong, currently I am part of the UK pastry team.

OABIKA poached kumquats, caramelised macadamia & Nyangbo ganache

What do you think about OABIKA ?

The first time I tried the OABIKA juice is remind me some saltiness, citrate, and honey flavours, remind me something of my hometown is like the lemon in the salt and the juice is very similar to this kind of tasting notes.

Can you explain us your creation?

In my dessert, I used OABIKA juice to poach the kumquats with a mandarin sorbet, caramelized macadamia nuts and a Nyangbo ganache and a chocolate sable on the bottom to give some more texture.

Why do you use Nyangbo 68% in your creation?

I chose Nyangbo because this product brings some spices flavours and vanilla notes which are aromas very relevant in a winter menu.

Are you going to propose this creation in the pastry shop?

Yes it’s going to be in my banqueting Menu.