Published on 4/5/22

Cercle V member Adam Cleal creates the OABIKA Coffee Float

Cercle V member Adam Cleal creates the OABIKA Coffee Float

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

My name is Adam Cleal. I am the Head Pastry Chef and one of the owner at Niche Patisserie. Niche Patisserie is about 1 year and a half old now. We initially started baking at home during the first lockdown to expanding to the premises where we are today at the Black Gate in Oswestry.

OABIKA Coffee Float

What do you think about OABIKA ?

We wanted to use Oabika, the vanilla and the coffee cherry (all from Africa) to showcase in one cocktail that we are going to use at Niche Patisserie.

Can you explain us your creation?

So basically we make a soda float by making a syrup out of the coffee cherry and then making a vanilla ice cream using the Madagascan vanilla and then the cocoa concentrate is going to be in the ice cream and in the coffee syrup.

Are you going to propose this creation in the pastry shop?

We’re going to use this cocktail at Niche Patisserie in our afternoon tea experience and to give the guests an opportunity to try a product they wouldn’t normally buy as they are going to be having the experience with us and the possibility to try the different products from Valrhona