Published on 4/10/22


Thomas Bernon

Discover April’s dessert of the month selected especially by you for the Cercle V 2022 Calendar.

Thomas Bernon Thomas Bernon is a pastry chef who spent his childhood in a country vegetable garden surrounded by good, simple ingredients. Once he had finished his apprenticeship, he went to work alongside Yann Brys. After a short stint in the Caribbean, he returned to Bordeaux, his home-town where he now works at the Palace Les Sources de Caudalie

The chef loves modern, fuss-free patisserie which strives for both visual and gustatory quality!

“My principles are very simple: Cohesive flavors and, most importantly, a (low-sugar) delicious experience!”

For his dessert, the chef used 3D design to create an “apricot punnet”. This simple, elegant structure was inspired by a childhood memory. The dessert consists of an apricot crémeux, a smooth almond mousse, an orange gingerbread and an apricot, basil and lemon gel all set atop a crisp vanilla and almond shortbread. What more quintessentially Mediterranean summer flavors could we ask for?

With this dessert, I wanted to break the rules and highlight other ingredients to show that Valrhona isn’t just chocolate! One of the key things I used was Adamance.

The results instantly gave us that nostalgic childhood feeling - congratulations to the chef for his achievement!

"Barquette Abricot Amandes, Basilic Citron", par Thomas Bernon, restaurant Miremont