Published on 12/6/21

B the Change: Together, let's work toward creative, ethical gastronomy

Making tomorrow sweeter

Because we all have the power to take action for change, this year we launched the “B the Change” campaign. For the last month of the year, we wanted to talk to you about sustainability and share our contribution on the topic. The world of sweet cuisine faces many sustainability challenges. Until now, however, there were no standards or advice on best practices to implement for this sector. In collaboration with Food Made Good, the Sustainable Restaurant Association's program (acknowledged as one of the best in the world) and thirty chefs from around the world, we have developed a practical guide and self-assessment tool. Both available free of charge on our website, they aim to support all professionals in the sweet cuisine industry in their transition towards a more responsible approach. The guide describes the main issues facing the sector, illustrated with key figures, and identifies the best practices to adopt, incorporating advice and testimonials from chefs around the world. Self-assessment is a way to evaluate the impact of one's business and gather personalized recommendations to quickly improve one's way of working. Let's act now for more sustainable and responsible sweet cuisine!

Creating a better-tasting world!

We take you on a journey to discover a truly engaged and inspiring woman: Nadia Sammut. She welcomes us to the Auberge de La Fenière in Lourmarin, a family hostel created 45 years ago by her grandmother which has been transformed into a real living space. A renowned chef, she is now head of several companies united around the concept of “mindful” cooking with the aim of “creating a better-tasting world!” Their common goal? Develop a holistic sense of food and life by working on regenerating the soil, body and mind. How does this translate into everyday life? Nadia has established links with local members of the agricultural sector to help regenerate the soil and biodiversity. In the kitchen, she created the concept of Cuisine Libre®: free of gluten, lactose and any diktat. The aim is to free oneself from constraints in order to unleash one's creativity. And the result is? A free, delicious and virtuous cuisine. A chef overflowing with energy, ideas and projects with a touch of humanity. A true source of inspiration!

Be free to be who you are, without looking around or comparing yourself to others! It's the best way to be yourself, to embrace your own depths and inner light. Nadia Sammut

Food Made Good, the world’s largest sustainability program in the Food Service industry

This month, we are pleased to introduce the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and their Food Made Good program, the world’s largest sustainability program in the Food Service industry.

L'association des restaurants durables

Founded in 2010, the Sustainable Restaurant Association helps chefs and food companies around the world improve their societal and environmental impact through its subsidiaries in the UK, Hong Kong, Japan and Greece. At the crossroads between food service and the sustainable food movement, the SRA defines sustainability in the sector, assesses the sustainable performance of businesses, measures actions taken and celebrates progress made. Over the past decade, the association has directly contributed to the sustainability of more than 1 billion out-of-home meals per year through its network of more than 12,000 kitchens located across 20 countries. To learn more about the SRA’s Food Made Good program and the tools to help you improve and assess your impact: Together, let's use good food to make the world a better place. 

Together, Good becomes Better