Discover Printed Valrhona

This new printing customization service offered exclusively to you, Valrhona customers, will allow you to easily and quickly animate your shop throughout the year.

Did you know that in-store advertising can increase sales by up to 40%? To animate your establishment and stand out from the competition, your communication is essential!

That's why we provide you with Printed Valrhona, which will allow you to personalize and print your communication tools on demand. Posters, window decals, stickers, pre-defined kits... numerous supports and designs are available! It's your turn to play!

Discover Printed Valrhona

The offers

On the online service, you can find two types of offers:

  • Individual products
  • Pre-defined kits

The implementation of the kits has been designed to simplify your life and help maximize the impact of your in-store communication by optimizing touchpoints.

By choosing our kits, you benefit from a declining and attractive pricing offer.

The offers printed Valrhona

Payment terms

As a Valrhona service, you can access the Printed Valrhona tool and pay for the service via a Valrhona invoice. Therefore, you don't have to make any upfront payment.

Are you a Cercle V customer?

  • Pay for your customizations using your cocoa bean points only if your balance covers the total amount of your order.
  • Loyalty discounts maintained.
printed service by valrhona

Cercle V advantages

Cercle V customers, find all your advantages on this service.

1- Your loyalty discounts

Gold 4%​
Silver 3%
Bronze 2%

2- Free shipping

Free shipping with no minimum order.

3- Exclusivity 

Designs reserved only for program customers (highlights, traceability commitment, use of the Valrhona logo, etc.).

4- Use of Cocoa Bean Points

Payment possible with the available cocoa bean points balance (if it covers the total amount of the order).


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