Treat all staff fairly

Treat All Staff Fairly

The issues 

Bakeries, patisseries and restaurant kitchens can be physically demanding places to work. Anti-social hours and high-pressure environments, alongside often low salaries can make a long-term career in the world of sweet gastronomy seem unappealing 

Why it matters

  • Supporting a positive staff culture helps foster a fulfilling place of work for all and makes hospitality a more attractive career prospect, meaning talented individuals can thrive. Don’t underestimate the benefits of staff loyalty and commitment 
  • Staff turnover represents an added cost to businesses. The most successful businesses have found that a progressive approach to pay, tips and broader working conditions helps improve recruitment and retention 

Top tips to treat all staff fairly

  • Foster a healthy work culture (mentally and physically) by promoting wellbeing through support, training and staff benefits 

Get inspired by our contributors


Over the past 3-4 years Nadège Nourian has worked extensively on issues of staff wellbeing at Nadège Patisserie, “making a real investment in our people.”  

This includes maximum working hours of 8 hours a day, offering flexible rotas for staff and ensuring there is a diverse mix of genders and cultures within the workforce. A horizontal management structure means staff feel able to speak up, with Nadège encouraging her staff to see her as an equal rather than as a superior. These efforts have paid off as there has been no staff turnover for the last two years!   

Chef Owner
Nadège Patisserie
Toronto, Canada

Carolina Molea

We invested in a new prover machine that can be left on overnight. This has eliminated the need for a night shift meaning the staff have better working hours and are therefore much happier!

Carolina MOLEA
L’Artisane Creative Bakery
Coral Gables, USA